Beautiful mosaic colors for your swimming pool by Oceanside Glasstile.
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 Tile Installation Instructions

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All sheets are nominal sizes.
Sheet measurements vary depending on pattern.

Because photographic lighting and computer monitors may affect the look of our tile, we do not recommend placing orders based solely on the images shown. Please request a current sample from your tile showroom.

Blue Pool Tiles

When it comes to designing the perfect swimming pool, cool blue hues are an easy go-to. Bring your idea to life with one
of these classic pool tile colorways.

Orders for 60 sheets or less of Muse 7/8" x 7/8" (straight set or offset) are ready to ship 3-4 days after Oceanside Glasstile receives the Registered
Dealer´s order.

Blue-pool-tile-Blue-eyes-blend Blue Eyes    
Blue-Pool-tile-breathe-blend Breathe       
Blue-Pool-tile-cool-waters-blend Cool Waters
Blue-Pool-tile-crystals-blend Crystals      
Blue-Pool-tile-cypress-bay-blend Cypress Bay
Blue-Pool-tile-lagoon-blend Lagoon        
Blue-Pool-tile-indigo-blend Indigo          
Blue-Pool-tile-sundowner-blend Sundowner 
Blue-Pool-tile-puget-sound-blend Puget Sound
Blue-Pool-tile-summer-isle-blend Summer Isle
Blue-Pool-tile-beach-blonde-blend   Beach Blonde
Blue-Pool-tile-escape-blend Escape        
Blue-Pool-tile-Acent-blend Ascent          

See our Muse Collection for more color ideas.

Reflection Pool Tile Colorways

Reflecting pools are water features that not only exude a serene and peacefull charm, but also accentuate the best aspects
of your home or the canopy surrounding it by acting as a giant mirror! Below is a selection of tile colors to help you manifest
your reflective pool idea into reality.

reflecting-pool-Color-Indigo-blend Indigo          
reflecting-pool-color-northern-lights-blend Northern Lights
reflecting-pool-color-enchantment-blend Enchantment
reflecting-pool-color-tortoiseshell-blend Tortoiseshell
reflecting-pool-color-sultry-blend Sultry            
reflecting-pool-color-osbidian-blend Obsidian    
reflecting-pool-color-moroccan-desert-blend Moroccan Desert

See our Muse Collection for more color ideas.

Light, Bright and White Pool Tile

These lovely, airy colors unexpectedly enter into the pool tile category and are warmly welcome. We all know that calcium
build-up can be a very common occurence for pool installations, but thiese light colors provide some disguise and with
the help of our eco-friendly Calcium-Releaser you'll be ahead of the build-up curve full-time.

pool-color-idea-pamper-blend Pamper       
pool-color-idea-veil-blend Veil               
pool-color-idea-neblina-blend Neblina       
pool-color-idea-cosmopolitan-blend Cosmopolitan
pool-color-idea-promise-blend Promise      
pool-color-idea-whisper-blend Whisper      
pool-color-idea-magnetic-blend Magnetic     

See our Muse Collection for more color ideas.

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