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Recycled Content Chart
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All Oceanside Glasstile is made primarily from silica sand, an abundant natural resource, with many colors also containing recycled content that may include pre-consumer* and/or post-consumer*** recycled bottle glass from curbside recycling programs. See the chart opposite for specific content by color.

*Pre-consumer materials are generated during our manufacturing process and may consist of scrap and trimmings that were never used in the consumer market.

***Post-consumer material is an end product that has completed its life cycle as a consumer item and would otherwise have been disposed of as a solid waste. Oceanside Glasstile's post-consumer material is recycled bottle glass (cullet) from curbisde recycling programs.


Because of its handcrafted nature and broad range of translucent and iridescent colors, Oceanside Glasstile is an exceptionally beautiful building material—an ideal choice for helping people create beautiful and comforting living spaces, conducive to health and productivity, all of which is part of green building.


Glass tile is a very strong building material* that is impervious to water and freeze/thaw resistant. This long-lasting durability further adds to its sustainability.

*For example, breaking strength on all 4" x 4" Field Tile is approximately 900 pounds per square inch of force.

For more information on Oceanside Glasstile's sustainability profile and LEED applications please email leedap@glasstile.com