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Oceanside Glasstile Philanthropy & Volunteer Work

Manufacturing innovative products with a sustainable process is an important business value, here at Oceanside Glasstile but…that’s just where the fun begins. Encouraged by the leadership of the company, our employees support all kinds of causes both near and far, they reach out to our community and to communities beyond our borders. Embracing social responsibility, we find joy in restoring orphanages, building schools, planting new trees and collaborating with the generation of tomorrow. All the good vibes from our volunteer work helps drive our passion for adding beauty to the world.

We support a number of philanthropic organizations we feel work to improve our community socially, environmentally and economically. We invite all members of the Oceanside Glasstile community to join with our hands in supporting these organizations through time and effort.

Pedal the Cause San Diego Boys and Girls Club of Carlsbad California Surf Museum

Pedal the Cause San Diego: Our mission is to provide funding for the best cancer research ideas at San Diego's three National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers - the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute and Salk Institute of Biological Studies. 100% of the proceeds stay in San Diego with these beneficiaries. For more information visit: http://sandiego.pedalthecause.org/

Boys and Girls Club of Carlsbad: Boys & Girls Club programs and services promote and enhance the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of belonging, competence, usefulness, and influence. For more information visit: http://www.bgccarlsbad.org

California Surf Museum: The California Surf Museum serves as an international repository and resource center on the lifestyle sport of surfing through capturing, preserving, and chronicling its art, culture and heritage for the education and enjoyment of future generations.

The California Surf Museum is a
501(c)(3), nonprofit organization.
For more information visit: http://surfmuseum.org

Hands Up Youth Food Pantry Susan G Komen Livestrong

Hands Up Youth Food Pantry: 437,500 San Diego County Residents seek emergency food each year, including 201,250 children under 18 years old. Of those seeking food, only 7% are homeless and 62% are households that include at least one employed adult. The Hand Up Youth Food Pantry has been a partner agency of Feeding America San Diego and the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank for many years and is doing our part to alleviate hunger in San Diego.

*These study results come from the largest, most comprehensive report on domestic hunger ever conducted, Feeding America’s “Hunger in America 2010”.
For more information visit:

Susan G Komen: The 3-Day is about making a commitment in honor of someone you love who is battling breast cancer – or in memory of someone lost. It's about progress toward the ultimate end –
a world without breast cancer.
For more information visit:

Livestrong: Livestrong isn't about one person. It's about the millions of people facing cancer who need support as they face the toughest battle of their lives. For more information visit:

Eunime Teleton Fundacion Casa Hogar Dibujando una Sonrisa

Eunime: EUNIME is an orphanage for boys & girls with HIV. The orphanage is named after Eunice and Noemi the first known cases of HIV in kids in TIjuana, Mexico. For more information visit:
or http://www.eunimeportijuana.org

Teleton Fundacion: Our mission is to serve our country, our children and youth who have Cancer by promoting and safeguarding the values of our Mexican culture through actions that promote justice, truth, peace, brotherhood and progress under our motto: "Love and science in the service of life." For more information visit:

Casa Hogar Dibujando una Sonrisa: Casa Hogar Drawing a Smile is an orphanage located in Tijuana, Mexico. The purpose of Casa Hogar is to provide children with a safe environment while we seek a reliable and stable family unit that will allow each child to grow into a happy, confident and successful adult. For more information visit: