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Martin´s Pools and Spa, Inc.

As a pool builder, what are some key characteristics you look for in a job before signing on?

Typically I look for a job or am referred to a job where it would not be possible to achieve a good looking, completed project without great attention to detail; infinity edge pools, spillover spas, perimeter overflow pools, etc. I find that with my background, I have a good chance of securing the big and completing the project successfully. More importantly than that, I get a feeling when the job is complete and the vision is a reality that is more rewarding than I can possibly describe.

The design of the Muse Cadence in Pewter pool is insane - what was the most critical step throughout the install process that ensured such an outstanding final product?

In a word, layout. It helped greatly to have a customer that had enough faith in me and my opinions to do things the way I needed without question. I knew the layout before the shotcrete was final.

When selecting mosaics for pools and spas, what are some qualities you look for?

Color, texture and quality of material are the three main things I look for in mosaics. Usually the customer will have a color in mind but I love it when that can br brought to life with unique textures, quality finishes and iridescent accents on properly annealed glass mosaics.

I like to work with the more handmade looking mosaics as they bring a texture to the job that no amount of skill as a craftsman can create. I love working with Oceanside Glasstile because each tile is like a snowflake... totally unique. The tile also cuts so beautifully. I can cut 1/8" rips from 4" long 1/4" thick glass without chipping or breakage on a very consistent basis.

I prefer to have the tile paper-faced or tape-mounted so that there is no mesh left behind the tile to weaken the bond to the pool or absorb moisture and cause potential failure. It´s even better when the tile has a matching set of trim pieces available to soften corners or provide a more finished look. The Muse Cadence in Pewter pool actually as some quarter rounds on the inside edge of the spillover beam and seat that were custom made just for the job by Oceanside Glasstile at my request - does it get any better than that?!

What is your favorite part of the pool and spa design and build process?

My favorite part are the details. Show me a nice renderings and I want to know how we plan to transition two or three materials together. I like to make those difficult transitions look seamless and easy when possible - it should flow, everything should make sense. I really don´t like to get involved in a job where those aspects are downplayed or not thought of as important to the design.

What is your must have when working with an architect or client on a project?

I don´t have any musts. I try to have give and take in the relationship. If one party becomes too rigid on any particular issue the project will suffer. I try to stay open to the needs of the client and offer my respect for respect in return. Openness and respect are essential to a successful project but are hard earned in the construction industry. This gets me into trouble sometimes too as I generally tell it like it is (even when it´s bad news!).

What is the most challenging aspect of being a pool and spa builder? What is the most rewarding?

The most challenging aspect of what I do is communication. Once good communication is achieved the process is usually a breeze. The most rewarding aspect of what I do is seeing a completed project in all its beauty. The finished product is the reward. I look at it and say "I did this" and all is well in the universe for that one moment.

Martin´s Pools and Spas, Inc.
Steve Martin
Who is your favorite Oceanside Glasstile showroom to work with?

Pool Corp´s National Pool Tile branch in Norcross, GA is my home for Oceanside Glasstile. Beau Lamb was instrumental in establishing a real presence for Oceanside Glasstile at that branch. It has all the design tools necessary to work with the product. I hope to pick up Oceanside Glasstile from that branch for many years to come.