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Contempo Tile

As the owner of the house and overall design person for the project. I relied heavily on the expertise of two professionals, Riverwood Mills cabinet designer Kim Turner and Contempo Tile designer Teresa Jacobson, both in St. George, Utah.

Because the house was built for resale, the overall palette of the project needed to be fairly neutral with a few exceptions. - Jeff Love, homeowner

With such dramatic scenery surrounding the house, what did you look for in a backsplash design to balance the open floor plan?

I wanted the kitchen backsplash to have a strong punch of color favoring organic tones. The cabinet designer helped me create a 3x7 space to allow for a dramatic glass tile focal point. I then worked with Contempo Tile and Teresa to begin the selection process for the entire project.

For the backsplash, glass was the perfect material because of the vibrancy of the color. Zest from the Devotion line was chosen as the pattern because of the variety of color within each sheet and the shape being consistent with other linear elemnts of design within the project. - Jeff

What was the motivation behind remodeling the garage into an entertaining space?

The garage could still accommodate a car/small SUV but also (because the total living space is under 1900 sf) could be used as a secondary living space or ski prep room. - Jeff

We love how you´ve managed to bring the mountainside inside. How would you describe the color palette that runs throughout the home?

The overall design theme is Mountain Contemporary with an underlying color theme of grey tones. - Jeff

Which was your favorite room of the house to work on?

I am a big fan of balanced spaces when you enter or as the first impression. The kitchen and great room had the most potential to do so. - Jeff

I love to work on intimate spaces. For me, the Master Bath was a wonderful opportunity to bring drama in that area of the house. I am a big fan of the Casa California series and the color Tahoe was fantastic to work with. Overall, I think it´s a perfect bathroom for the Space. - Teresa

The master bathroom and guest bathroom have two different design styles - where one has a stunning feature wall the other utilizes accent bands of glass tile to add that pop of wow - do you mind sharing the inspiration behind each design?

The master bath design better accommodates a strong accent wall plus the budget allowed more flexibility in the master. In this case, Oceanside Glasstile Outro in Tahoe Iridescent was perfect to create a beautiful focal point. The guest bath approach was chosen to save a little on materials. - Jeff

We wanted to focus on the master having a bigger budget, however by selecting a ceramic tile and using bands of glass on the walls and full shower floor in the same glass, we were able to stay in budget and create an inviting space for guests. - Teresa

What is your favorite part of the residential design process?

Creating a color palette and selecting the materials. It brings out the child in us. I can see the process in the eyes of my customers and then the project becomes tangible for them. - Teresa

What are your words to live by?

In all you do, do your very best. - Teresa

What is your must have when working with a homeowner on a project?

1 - Clear vision for both of us. This is achieved by good communication and rapport. Working on a project is like working with your client´s unborn child. A lot of responsibility is on you. Understanding the needs, expectations and constant good communication will make your client trust you. Once trust is established, the rest is about having a good time selecting and making sure that the work goes smoothly. Taking care of the project means taking care of that child. Consideration is a must in all aspects.

2 - Contractors and subcontractors that you trust is my next must have. Projects are important but people are what make a project, so treating your workers with respect will ensure that they will do their best. If you team is reliable, your project will be a success.

3 - Having a good understanding of every single aspect of the project and passing that knowledge to your clients will empower everyone to make better decisions during the whole process. As your client’s prepare for the day when they will have their space done, you should guide them to understand what, why, when, and where. You are there to be the assistant creator, they may not know that, but this is their home space or project. You are the professional that they trust to bring it to life. - Teresa

When did Interior Design turn into your passion?

I guess when I realized that I could do what I loved all the time. I cannot really say when that was because my love for beauty has always been there. The most important factor was that I could help others make their dream space come true. - Teresa

What separates "trend" from "timeless" in home remodels?

Good design is always "timeless". To me, this means a balanced design within the homes and the client´s needs. Clean, simple color combinations will always work. Muddy hues have a tendency to change. Neutrals are always a winner, leaving the trend colors for accents. - Teresa

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