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Do you have a catchphrase, motto or mantra?

"Professionally unconventional."

What are the greatest benefits to working as a design team versus as individual designers?

Every one of our projects is a team effort. Incorporating multiple designers brings different areas of expertise, multiple perspectives and varying ideas to each stage of a project. The final product and end results are also so much sweeter to share with a team.

What is your favorite part of the design process?

We love both the start and the finish. At the beginning of a project the possibilities are endless. It´s invigorating and thrilling to look at a blank space and begin to envision what it will look like. The end of a project is of course exciting - all of the designing, planning, editing and hard work come together in a beautiful finalized space. It´s wonderful to see people in their new offices, utilizing the furniture and space as we envisioned.

What´s your favorite brain food?

Hot Tamales. We have an entire kitchen drawer dedicated to mini boxes of Hot Tamales.

Lunch meeting – where do you go?

Tryst – a little coffee shop and eatery across the street from our office. They give you an animal cracker with your coffee order which we sort of love.

If you were a cocktail what would you be? Why?

Negroni, it´s the perfect combination.

If you weren´t a designer what would you be?

We are quite varied in our interests. A professional bicyclist, a chef and a teacher seem to be frontrunners.


1801 Belmont Rd #201, Washington DC 20009
Who is your favorite Oceanside Glasstile showroom to work with?

Architectural Ceramics