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Lori Gentile Interior Design

Where do you find inspiration for your design projects?

I find inspiration from everything I lay my eyes on. Nature, travel, fashion, all the gorgeous resources I have available in my design library and of course my clients architecture and lifestyles.

What is your process with your clients?

I start by speaking with my clients at length about their dreams of how they want to live. I then I try to find one thing, a color, a photo, that captures my clients personality and desires and that serves as the inspiration from which all subsequent decisions will flow. Sharing my talents with my clients is very special for me. I really enjoy seeing them discover what a difference a nice home can make in their life.

How do you choose your materials?

That’s where the real talent lies. If it’s too predictable you’ve missed the mark. Finding just the right materials and balance is the key to the feeling or style your going for.

What is the most important quality when you are looking for tile?

Something timeless whatever the style. If it’s opulent, flashy, organic, or even a simple shape, I want to make sure it’s something my clients will never tire of. It has to be love at first sight.

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Lori Gentile Interior Design
Lori Gentile Interior Design
Why do you like to work with Oceanside Glasstile?

I am pretty crazy about Oceanside Glass. From their patterns, scale and colors I can create a look that is incredible.

Who is your favorite Oceanside Glasstile Dealer?

Unique Stone or European Bath are my favorites.