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Chesapeake Tile & Marble

How do you choose your materials?

The client was looking for a little added pop of color. Landscape Designer: JLC had specified some travertine with us, but when it came to the right glass they were a little unsure. The glass was an overseas glass, but because of the project environment we felt we needed a product that would be more durable. After a little bit of work with our inside sales rep at Oceanside Glasstile we were able to create a custom color that matched the product they brought in and we felt confident installing in the space.

What is the most important quality when you are looking for tile?

Dependent upon the space. For us, and this particular product, it’s right on the Chesapeake Bay so it’s in a pretty harsh environment. We needed a product that wasn’t only great quality but was going to stand the test of time.

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Kyle Gahan
Kyle Gahan
Chesapeake Tile & Marble
45 Gwynns Mill Ct Owings Mills, MD 21117
What is your favorite thing about working with Oceanside Glasstile?

The people. Generally above and beyond what a normal inside sales rep would do. She really came through for us. Changing the iridizations method was tricky but the color was perfect. Then when there was and add- on she was able to get us a match.