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Borrelli Design

Where do you find inspiration for your design projects?

We find inspiration for our design projects by going to trade shows and attending meetings related to the trends in our field. Sometimes it is a matter of discovering who our clients are and using their passion or something that they really love within their home that inspires the rest of the design project. It could a piece of furniture, an art piece or even a rug to name a few.

What is your process with your clients?

Initial Contact – Donna Tran, Angie Anderson or Michael Borrelli will field the client’s first inquiry. After an exchange of ideas regarding the proposed project, an appointment will be scheduled at the Borrelli Design office to discuss the project in more detail and the scope of work will be assessed, including establishing a rough timeline. A kitchen project for example, will usually take from three to six months for completion.

Meet at Borrelli Design – This first session is to determine the scope of the project, including plans, budget goals and design fees. For kitchen and bath projects, we utilize a design survey created by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) to establish the more specific and pertinent details of your project.

Meet At Your Place - The next step is for the Borrelli team to meet at your home/project site to assess the site and further define the scope of work. We will finalize the design fees at this time.

Design Development – We discuss the details of the project (e.g., appliances and cabinet styles and finishes) and renderings of the proposed design are provided at this time. This process can take about four to five weeks, depending on the size of the project.

Your Proposal – Borrelli Design will then present you with a written proposal outlining the scope of the work (based on your input to date), the schedule and the pricing of the project. Further details will also be discussed and finalized.

Welcome Abroad – At this stage, the details of the proposal have been firmly established and you’ve signed the contract and made a 30% deposit. Pre-production meetings will establish a firm completion date.

On the Job – During this phase of fabrication (construction) and installation, you will be updated via weekly meetings.

Wrapping Up – Your projects’ completion phase is the beginning of the final quality-control phase when all aspects of your project are examined and we will establish final approval of the project.

How do you choose your materials?

Through the initial meetings, sometimes our clients will have it set in their heart what it is that they want and we will help them hone it in. Do the clients want something that is easily maintained? Are they looking for a customized finish? For those who are not as sure, we help choose the materials by deciding what best goes with the house and what best fits our client’s personal taste and budget. In the end, we understand that it will be our client that will be living in the space after the project is complete, so it is important to have them be happy with everything.

What is the most important quality when you are looking for tile?

There are several qualities that we look for when choosing a tile. We want to make sure that it is something that can be easily maintained by the client, easy to install (tile will not chip if needs to be trimmed in any way), to complement the other kitchen finishes and to be of durable quality. The backsplash is often used to help shine on the focal point of the kitchen so it is important to make sure that the tile is not only beautiful but of great quality as well.

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Michael Borrelli
Michael Borrelli
Borrelli Design+Cabinetry
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What is your favorite thing about working with Oceanside Glasstile?

They are known for their beautiful product line and durability. There are wide ranges in colors to accommodate the various styles of design.

Who is your favorite Oceanside Glasstile Dealer to work with?

Company Name: European Tile II