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Artcraft Granite, Marble and Tile Company

Where do you find inspiration for your design projects?

As a third-generation tile contractor we are also NTCA Five Star Contractor and our highest priority is combining our technical expertise with the beauty of the design. We work with designers, architects and owners to ensure that every installation is technically sound and adheres to industry standards while enhancing the beauty and longevity of the designer’s vision and the owner’s expectations.

What is your process with your clients?

We work with several different types of clients.

The niche that we have is working with designers, owners and general contractors who have very technical and difficult installations. Our job is to manage expectations – and explain and execute their vision in a way that ensures the project is installed successfully and maintains its beauty for years to come.

How do you choose your materials?

Sometimes products are specified by the designer or architect. When we have control over the product, we always choose the best product made. When it comes to glass tile, Oceanside fits that prerequisite perfectly. This is a hand-made product and craftsmanship is something we value at Artcraft. There are many steps in the Oceanside Glasstile production process that give me confidence in selecting their products – and there are quality measures every step of the way. The end result is a high quality product that is always beautiful.

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Artcraft Granite, Marble and Tile Company
James Woelfel
What is the most important quality when you are looking for tile?

Character. I value the commitment and dedication it takes to make a good product. I also appreciate the unique aspects to something that is hand crafted. So when I say character, I mean both quality manufacturing and an unique product.

What is your favorite thing about working with Oceanside Glasstile?

Nothing but success. Oceanside Glasstile stands behind everything they do. In today’s world it’s difficult to find companies that provide both quality products and quality service. Oceanside provides both – second to none.