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Art Glass Mosaics

Where do you find inspiration for your design projects?

My inspiration comes from many sources including the great rose windows of Europe, nature, kaleidoscopes, sacred geometry, and modern day crop circles.

What is your process with your clients?

Usually, it starts with collaboration between landscape architect and/or client and myself. I first find out where the mosaic will be located, the dimensions and, ultimately, the role it will play in the garden setting. Next, I find out more about the client so that any special desires or interests can be integrated in the design. At this point, I usually submit several design ideas and wait for feedback from the landscape architect and client. Once the client has made a decision, then it is time to select the palette of colors that will be used. This has to be carefully determined because different colors with iridescence look differently at different latitudes. Colors that would look great outside in the bright sun in Texas may look very different in more northern climates with more subtle sunlight. Once the palette is selected, then I provide the client with various options of where is color might be placed in the design. After the final project decisions have been made and we have finalized our agreement, I order my tile from Oceanside Glass Tile.

How do you choose your materials?

I solely use Oceanside Tessera tile for my projects. It fits the bill for high quality, industry rated glass tile with a large number of colors with iridescent finish. The glass tile must cut easily and be available in 2" x 2" size so I can end up with relatively large pieces for the mosaic after cutting.

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Art Glass Mosaics - David Chidgey
What is the most important quality when you are looking for tile?

For me it must have a beautiful range of iridized or iridescent color. By the way, I find the newly introduced colors Sapphire, Tile, and Bondi colors to be really exciting. So for me, the Tessera tile product line provides with colors with a sense of texture and variety that enhances my work.

Why do you like to work with Oceanside Glasstile?

See above.

Who is your favorite Oceanside Glasstile Dealer?

Materials Marketing, San Antonio, TX.