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Alena Capra

Where do you find inspiration from your design projects?

I find inspiration from many different things. I am often inspired by fashion. I love fun, graphic prints like chevrons, houndstooth, ikats, quatrefoils, and bold color combinations, as well as great design in hotels and restaurants. I can't go out to a restaurant without noting the tile, the lighting, the bathroom design, etc! I'm always looking for new and exciting design ideas!

What is your process with your clients?

I always do a preliminary appointment with them in their home to see their style and talk about their needs in the new design. Often, they will create Pinterest boards or look books so we can go over their inspirations and ideas. That helps me get a great sense of their style! I love to make our appointments fun when we are selecting stuff...I like them to get excited about the vision of the new design!

How do you choose your materials?

Most of the time it is based on the look! If there is an amazing tile that catches our eye, that sets the tone for the whole design to come together. Then we take it and run from there, adding all the other elements to build an amazing space! I always love to have that one great thing that sparks the entire design.

What is the most important quality when looking for tile?

First and foremost is the uniqueness of it. Something that will be spectacular! Tile is my favorite design element. I started out my career designing bathrooms, so tile became something that allowed me to get as creative as possible. Especially glass tile! Secondly, I always think about the installation of it. Will it install well for the application I wish to use it? That's almost as important as the selection! They go hand in hand. Your tile selection is only as good as your installation!

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Alena Capra
Alena Capra Designs
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Why do you like to work with Oceanside Glasstile?

I first started designing in 2003. I began in the business as a bathroom designer...and must have dsigned hundreds of bathrooms. I was always attracted to glass mosaic tiles and wanted to use them in all of my projects! All of the colors were so beautiful! Every client would love at least one color blend! Oceanside Glass was one of the first glass tiles I ever worked with! I've seen their collection evolve, and have used so many different blends of it! I love the iridescence and natural edging of some of the mosaics. I remember when they had glass tiles in the shapes of all different tropical fish that i used in an amazing project in the Florida Keys. We purchased all the remaining ones in stock before it got discontinued! They were such a fun element! The mix of a natural edge with the glamour of iridescence on some of the tiles is what I love! They can be a beachy look in paler colors and mixed with natural stones, or super dramatic in deep jewel tones. I love the array of colors and variety!